CARAFINA® Home Decor -

     Your home is your oasis; it’s your welcome center for guests, the neighborhood hangout for friends and your bit of respite from the daily grind. Give your home that something special that keeps people coming back and helps you wash away the cares of the world as you settle in with your family; bring home CARAFINA®.

     CARAFINA® is a California based company inspired by the changing urban lifestyle. CARAFINA is constantly curating quality and stylish merchandise from local suppliers as well as international designers.  Many of our most popular home goods and apparel have been chosen from carefully selected local artisans with a shared vision for quality craftmanship.  We strive to provide customers impeccable service through our knowledgeable staff.   

     Most stores bring you a wide array of products that are seemingly endless and obviously dissimilar. The CARAFINA® Collection is a harmonious blend of contemporary styles in the form of home goods, furniture, and apparel and accessories for men and women. We are not just a home goods shop, we are a lifestyle retailer.

Our History

    CARAFINA® began with the idea of introducing a quality jewelry line to consumers that would offer timeless stylings combined with a modern classic flair. As the CARAFINA® brand began to grow, we expanded with new product lines in home decor and home furnishings. 

     As time passed, the name CARAFINA® which originated from our grandparents as a term of endearment in Spanish for their grandchildren became synonymous with quality, value and beauty. Shop our collection today and see what CARAFINA® has in store for you.