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Men's - 3 Pk Mesh Breathable Non Elastic Bamboo Socks

$ 18.15
Men's non elastic bamboo socks

If you’re looking for a pair of socks that are loose around the legs whilst keeping your feet dry and bacteria free then these non-elastic bamboo socks are the perfect pair of socks for you.

These socks are super soft with a 60% bamboo content. Bamboo is a desirable material with many notable qualities. They are naturally antibacterial and odor resistant, meaning your feet will be dry throughout the day and will not give off an unpleasant odor. They are also breathable and flexible with the temperature, keeping your feet cool in when the weather is hot and warm when the weather gets colder.

An additional benefit is that they are green and biodegradable so we can even protect that environment in the socks that we wear on our feet. These socks are also non elastic so that they won’t be too tight around the legs so if you suffer from diabetes are have any other circulation problems then you will benefit from the non-restrictive qualities these socks will give your feet.

These socks are a 6-11 UK (39-45 eur 7-12 US) and are available in 2 patterns including black and beige colored designs.

Extra Product Details

* Non elastic bamboo socks
* 60% Bamboo 40% Polyamide
* Naturally antibacterial
* Odor resistant
* Breathable and flexible with the temperature
* Green and biodegradable
* Diabetic friendly
* Size 6-11 UK
* 2 Colours in beige and black

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