Orange Tartarus

Wicker Basket Kit for Beginners

$ 17.95

This kit has the beginner in mind! Learn the technique of wicker basketry!

These instructions will teach you how to weave a small wicker basket.
Woven wickerwork is a basketry method that weaves materials over and under each other in a pattern. Generally the materials used in wickerwork are round and rigid. Traditionally reeds and stocks of plants were used to make baskets as well as furniture and other decorative and useful items.
Basketry requires patience and perseverance. Keep at it and you will be proud of your new skills and finished basket.
•Our kit includes: Fiber split, fiber cord, clothespin and color photo instructions
•You will need: scissors, ruler, pencil
•Kit makes one wicker basket about 3" square by 2" tall
•Ages 8 and up, adult participation necessary for younger ages
•Made in USA

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