Paraben Free and More

We are committed to acting ethically with respect to the use of animals in product testing. We and our manufacturing partners have never conducted or commissioned any animal testing of any raw materials, or are we aware of any such animal testing conducted by a third party.

None of the ingredients, materials, mixtures, and finished products we supply are tested on animals. No persons involved in the supply or manufacture of ingredients, raw materials, and finished products or associated component parts have conducted or commissioned animal testing for cosmetic or any other purposes.



Most of our make-up is vegan, with the exception of a few items that use beeswax such as lip pencils, automatic eye brow pencil and the eyebrow palette.


Other Ingredients

Essential oils like rosemary and lemon have natural antibacterial properties, as do tocopherols (vitamin E). While these products are safe and effective alternatives to parabens, they do have a bit of a shorter shelf life. Ideally, products preserved with these ingredients will be used up within a year in order to assure that there’s no bacterial infiltration.

Sodium benzoate naturally occurs in a number of fruits, barks, and herbs, and is considered a 100 percent natural preservative. It’s also less expensive to produce than essential oils and has a longer shelf life. It’s generally regarded as safe and is often used in combination with potassium sorbate for further antimicrobial protection.

Vegetable-derived glycerin is also called ethylhexylglycerin. While technically this product is made in a lab, it’s derived from grains and other plants, so we’re considering it a natural product for our purposes. It’s an inexpensive alternative to parabens while still remaining effective as a preservative.

Studies have shown it to be a skin irritant to some, so if you try makeup containing it, you might want to start with an inconspicuous area first, just to make sure you don’t react to it.

To learn more about what Carafina is doing and other steps you can take: Visit California Supply Chains Act