Where we started....

Where we started....

We developed Carafina organically, out of a passion project with renovating and restoring furniture.   Where did this idea begin?  First we restored furniture to decorate our own home.  Secondly, we  utilized our restored wood tables to stage California Craftsman homes.  Our treasures were heirlooms found at estate sales and on social media.  As our friends and neighbors became aware of our vintage renovation projects, they asked us to refurbish similar items for them.  This was the beginning of our new venture with home decor and furniture.  

Simply put, our interest in home furniture is deeply rooted by our fathers.  They were craftsmen who loved woodworking and out of necessity, would often rebuild a table, chair or picture frame rather than purchase a newer one of lesser quality. We felt there was a need for vintage and distressed wood furniture and decorative pieces for those who wanted to add character to their living spaces. 

As our business grew we expanded into ready-to-wear men and women's apparel, bags, and accessories.  Among our current product lines, we feature environmentally conscious products made by some of the best manufacturers in the United States.

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