With Carafina Beauty is Refined

With Carafina Beauty is Refined


Home is far more than the place where you simply lay your head; it’s your island of tranquility, an oasis of serene beauty away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.


Your home decor is, therefore, something very precious, a way of expressing your individuality and creating the perfect place where you can escape from the rest of the world.


But browsing through the high street shops you may quickly realise that there’s a monotony which means that it’s almost impossible to find anything truly unique, let alone luxurious too.


If you’re tired of the tedious, discontented with the dull and thoroughly bored of the banal, it’s about time you discovered another brand that offers beauty refined, every time: Carafina.


Humble beginnings

Carafina sprang into creation as a jewelry making family firm back in 2008 where its classic, clean designs were much in demand.


This line of luxury jewelry that offered quality with a distinctively modern twist soon began to spread the name of Carafina, and it was only a matter of time before the small firm branched out into other areas.



Fringe Necklace in Gold or Silver available from Carafina

Image Source: http://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0716/8027/products/1024x1024m-white-VREEyfpclBMPyX1UxbS08aAlsOt4hZgj_grande.jpeg


Leather goods, contemporary clothing for both men and women and home decor were soon added to the label where their passion for individual design and high quality soon made them sought after in every field they entered.


The brand grew and grew, with clothing collections that were undefinable and home decor that offered the ability to turn even the most Bijoux abode into a palace.


But the company never forgot its roots, with the name Carafina coming from the family, an intimate term of endearment in Spanish continuing to spread love and beautiful design all over.


Based in California

Carafina is now based in California, where it offers some of the most sublime designs to homeowners who want to look as stylish as their property.


Their range of products is eclectic and diverse, with unique items that are quite simply unlike anything else you might find.



A garden storage bench available from Carafina

Image Source: http://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0716/8027/products/10016924_large.jpeg?v=1447454220


Private label items for those with exquisite taste, Carafina is all about contemporary quality that you’re guaranteed to fall in love with.


Unlike other brands, Carafina has beautifully refined items for both men and women, complementing home decor that is truly special. No matter whom you are, if you want to break out from the crowd, Carafina can offer you whatever it is you’ve been searching for. Welcome home…


Environmentally conscious products

Carafina believes that creating beauty with no regard for the world around you is an irresponsible approach and one that they’re not willing to take part in.


Regardless of whether it’s a stunning sofa table for the home, retro cool sunglasses for the men or a classic yet fashion forward knit for the girls, Carafina offers fascinating designs executed to the highest possible level.



Bomber Redwood Polarized Sunglasses available from Carafina

Image Source: http://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0716/8027/products/1024x1024m-white-bonHiSIuqhKHdoLrA9bKiKo6QQQ5NcjK_grande.jpeg 


All of their tasteful products are created using the latest technologies designed to minimise the effect on the environment, handcrafting their goods with the exemplary attention to detail that you would expect.


Reducing their carbon footprint is key to Carafina and a principle they believe passionately in. Recycling packaging and constantly seeking out new ways to produce their items without damaging the environment in the process.


Carolina cares about their customers, the environment and you.


Fabulous range

The Carafina range of products has to be seen to be believed, with flawless lines, clean curves and materials that invite the touch.


A local family business in the beginning, the sheer beauty of Carafina has seen the brand go global, attracting followers the world over.


Have you discovered Carafina yet? Take a look in the online store and dare to dream to be different.


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