Carafina: Your Home Decor Solution to Personalising Your Space

Carafina: Your Home Decor Solution to Personalising Your Space

Every person has a different idea of what an ideal home decor looks like. Do love a sleek modern look with a lot of brightness from white colours to bring a sunny and sleek look to your home? Or do you prefer the old style look of hardwood, oak furniture, with the bookcases and end tables to match? There are many different choices out there when it comes to getting the look you want, but if you want to see what's possible, one of the first places to go to customise your home is Carafina.


Based out of California, Carafina takes pride in being eclectic, in believing it's okay to like something because it's "cool" or "speaks to you" instead of needing every single thing to match a particular interior design. We see nothing wrong with the comfort and style of a black faux leather ergonomically friendly office chair to go with that family heirloom solid oak desk you have in a home office.


Why go with conventional sets of patio furniture when you can look at a Morocco style patio chair? It is the type of furniture that gives off its own unique flair. So what if it doesn't match perfectly with that other set of four - neither does a king's throne but that certainly doesn't take away from it!


Carafina also does a great job of focusing on rooms that too often get overlooked or seen as just sort of a holding place. Do you have a baby or are you expecting a new arrival to the family soon? This can be an opportunity to put a unique stamp on the room.


The Dark Espresso Baby Changing Table with Storage Doors not only provides the perfect little spot for diaper changes but also still manages to be stylish with the perfect blend of black against white. The drawers and style are nice enough that even after you're long past the point of bringing new babies into the house, you will still be able to use it as a small end table or storage for a sewing room, office, or bedroom.



Bamboo storage baskets add a very nice touch to any kitchen while providing the always at a premium storage space that's needed. If you like things a little more rustic, there are also some great high-quality corn husk netting baskets from Carafina that will bring back memories of childhood for anyone who grew up in the country or on a farm.


Add in a frosted glass wall cabinet to add that extra little bit of stylish country and your kitchen will have a homey and unique feel no matter how urban or lifeless it had seemed before. Why settle for a cookie-cutter interior when you can spruce up your home decor with a lot more from Carafina?


Don't pigeonhole yourself into just one option. Take a look at what our company has to offer and enjoy your own eclectic style.

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