10 Easy Ways to Add Character to Your Home with CARAFINA®

10 Easy Ways to Add Character to Your Home with CARAFINA®

If there is one thing that Carafina knows how to do, it has to be how to add character to your home. Whether you are looking to completely overhaul the entire house or perhaps just add some finishing touches; we are on hand to help you with your interior design inspiration.

We have some great ideas how; with very little money you can really improve the look and feel of your home.

Add old-fashioned collectibles

Visit local flea markets, antique shops and online stores that offer a variety of vintage items at affordable prices. Collect vintage door handles and knobs for your kitchen and other rooms throughout your home.  Make every door an entry to your style capturing a moment from your favourite era. Make someone else's heirloom your newest treasured find.

Vintage Kitchen Accessories


Shine some light with updated lighting

You might not realise it but the right lighting can not only make a room look bigger but it can also be used to make the most of a feature point. Vintage lights can also accent rooms and integrate into new fixtures creating a new look.

Vintage Light Fixture

Use uplighters next to the main focal part of your room, such as a fireplace or perhaps a feature wall, this will draw attention to it and keep the eye away from other areas that you may want to hide away. 

A lick of paint can work wonders

Painting doesn’t always mean that you need to paint the entire house; instead you could just concentrate on the rooms, or walls that really need it.


Feature walls are really great ways to brighten up a room and best of all they mean that you don’t need to paint the other walls.  The key is picking a bright and vibrant colour that contrasts against the other walls in the room creating a fresh new look.

Frame it!

If you don’t fancy painting a wall then you can use wall art instead to bring a splash of colour and texture to the room. Framed pictures are ideal for neutral decorated rooms or for those spaces that feel compact, a mirror can be used to give the illusion of space.

Decorative Framed Mirror

Shelves are for more than just storage

Shelves can offer up an alternative to wall art; not just for storage, shelves can be placed around the room so that you can display your ornaments, trinkets and random items for all to see.

Shelf Unit for Entry Way

Transform kitchen cabinets

Kitchen renovations can be costly, especially if you need to replace the cabinets; so if money is tight then why not just give your current cabinets a bit of facelift using paint.

Darker colours work great in kitchen home decor especially those that are accessorised with chrome appliances and gadgets.


Open new doors with new doorknobs

Another way to bring some life to cabinets and even doors is to buy new doorknobs. Doorknobs come in a variety of different shapes, materials and sizes and can really breathe new life into a tired looking door.

Turn a wall into a something more

Who said that storage had to be hidden away? Not us! Why not turn a wall in your home into a storage display space. Whatever you want to pop on display; shoes, books or even just your collection of action figures, by adding shelves or perhaps cutting a recess in a wall you can pop these up for everyone to see.

Don’t forget the garden

Outdoor living is just as important as home furnishings. So don’t forget to pay attention to the yard when giving your home a touch up. One great way to do this is to update the lighting in the garden; solar lights are the perfect idea for this as they do not require you to install electronics thanks to them being powered by the sun during the day, ready to light up for you at night.

Outdoor Chevron Rug

Rugs are more than alright!

Rugs are often ignored items of home furnishings, but the truth is that they can add colour, texture, warmth and style to your room with real ease.

If you have wooden floor then a rug will help to make the room feel warmer and if you are not such a great fan of your carpet then they can also disguise that too!

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