Make Your First Living Space a Home

Make Your First Living Space a Home

Exciting isn’t it! You get the keys to your first property in your hand, and whether it’s owned or rented, that feeling of both accomplishment in what you’ve achieved, mixed with the buzz of decorating and furnishing it to make it your own, is a feeling worth a million dollars.

So just what are those must-have items that turn that blank living canvas into an artistic masterpiece that you are proud to call home?


Comfortable Seating Arrangements

We all know of people who have moved in to their first property with nothing more than a hand me down chair and a box as a table, so don’t feel constrained by a small budget. Your first living space can be transformed by adding small touches that mean friends and family can pop in without warning and find a comfortable place to perch.

Having one sofa is a starting bonus, but go eclectic by adding items such as Ottoman Footstools and Poufs. They fill the room and also show your eye for design.


 Chevron Ottoman



A Table that yearns to be used

Forget eating takeaway on your knee, and invest in furniture that means you eat like a King.

If you are short on space, we live in an era where multi-functional furniture doesn’t have to mean you compromise on quality and personality.

This stylish coffee table oozes period charm, is perfect for coffee chats, enhanced by placing a glass of wine on it, doesn’t mind you throwing your keys and post at it but then also extends to become that all important workstation – genius!

Wood Coffee Table image Foter


Continue the wood theme by strategically placing a wooden tray table in the corner. The quality look enhances your living space without being overpowering and is great for eating off when space is at a premium.





The sweetest of dreams

Your first night in your first home is very special indeed, so make it one that creates the happiest of dreams about a rosy future.

Nobody said you can’t go vibrant if your personality is the same, but neutrals create an illusion of space and neutral doesn’t have to mean plain. Subtle designs and pastel colorways invite you to snuggle within and can inspire you to theme your room around your bedding choice.

Sage Comforter


There’s just something about a table lamp in a bedroom that screams must-have, creating an ambience of warmth and assured coziness. Nobody wants to fall asleep with a bright, white ceiling light glaring into their eyes, so a table lamp that means you can turn it off without even the need to step out of bed -  sleepy time perfection.



The finer detail

It is often said that it is those personal touches that make a house a home.

We always need a mirror, so make it a statement piece. Careful placing increases the feeling of space in your home too.

Floral Design Mirror for Wall Art 

Don’t be afraid to show your personality through your choice of ornaments. What we collect is like a journey of our life, whether given as gifts or bought on holiday – they paint a picture of where we’ve been and what we’ve done.


And finally, smell can define your living space, so make it uniquely yours. And we are talking pleasant as opposed to stale food!

Candles add both aroma and warmth of light so don’t be afraid to use them in any room in your home.

Three Candle Holder Set

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