Simple tips to bring natural light into your living space

Simple tips to bring natural light into your living space

Natural light is the best light. It can invigorate a space, making us feel better about ourselves as well as making us more productive. You would think that with natural light and sunshine pouring in through a window that a space would automatically be illuminated and bathed in daylight but this is not always the case. A small room, or a room that spends most of the day in shadow can feel smaller and darker than it actually is.

Opening up the space and maximising natural daylight is the key to making a room feel more comfortable and open – and here, we give you a few tips on how to go about it:

Lighten the colours

The colours you choose to decorate the room, from the paint on the walls to the colours of soft furnishings all contribute to how much light is absorbed and how much of it is reflected around the space.

Neutral Colors

Darker colours absorb light but lighter colours tend to be reflective. Choose a lighter colour scheme for the walls and ceiling for an instance change on how much lighter a room can feel. Using bright white on the ceiling is a great way of adding height but if you think it will seem an emotionless or cold space, use warmer but light tones on the wall.

Take care with flooring

Dark, heavily patterned carpets swallow light and give the impression of the floor coming up to meet you. Using light carpet is an option or, if you prefer, have laminate or vinyl type flooring installed. The glossier surface throws light around and if you want to add texture and layers, opt for bright colourful rugs.

Beige RugScroll Rug

Allowing light in

No matter what size your window, allowing as much light through as possible into the room is key in making it look bigger and be lighter too. Do away with heavily coloured curtains and stick with blinds that can be opened fully to allow light to stream in.  If you

If, however, you have an issue with privacy or the room is in shadow most of the day, bright white, plain voile panels at the window will reflect a clean, crisp white light around the space.


Framed Art


Allowing light to play in a space

Once you have encouraged as much light in as possible, you will want to maximise the effect. This means using materials that have reflective properties and there are many examples of great items that can make a space feel bigger and lighter:

  • Glass – From mirrors to a glass-topped coffee table, glass is the material that has the ability to reflect and bounce light around a room. Glass also has the ability of transforming light, splitting it into the rainbow colours and reflecting these onto the floor, walls and ceiling. Shop Mirrors at Carafina.
  • Wall art – You wouldn’t necessarily think of the art on the wall as being able to contribute to how light plays in a space but choosing the right art can really help. If you are opening up the room, avoid the darker, deeper colours that absorb light and instead choose eye-catching but lighter coloured prints. Shop Wall Art at Carafina.
  • Soft furnishings – from creams to beiges, to golden yellows and delightful pinks, there are all kinds of light colours that can add warmth to a room without pinching the natural daylight. Include these colours as cushions, rugs and throws. Shop Home Decor at Carafina.

There are plenty of ways to bring light into your living space, so why not try a few of the above tips to brighten up your home.

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