The Proper Way of Caring For Your Pearls

The Proper Way of Caring For Your Pearls

Once so valuable that the Roman general Vitellius was rumored to have traded his mother's pearl earrings to invest in a military campaign, pearls continue steadily to hold their allure as an attribute bit of jewelery, particularly in the type of a necklace or choker.


Pearl Earrings

To steadfastly keep up the good thing about pearls, learning how to take care of them properly is really important. Although the compact crystalline structure of pearls means they are very durable, they may have fragile components of course and also this fact cannot be overlooked. You can scratch pearls and your skin's oils contact with it each day causes them to deteriorate. Thus, regular careful cleaning must be an element of any pearl necklace owner's routine.

Find an extra soft cloth. Choose either a jewelry cloth or a clear rag, preferably one made of cotton or bamboo fabric. Avoid using anything abrasive material to completely clean pearls with, such as toothbrushes or plastic sponges. A soft cloth could be the only item that must come in contact with pearls.

Wipe pearl jewelry gently before putting your pearl necklace away every time, to get rid of body oils and perspiration. Put a couple of drops of water on the cloth, adequate to dampen it and do no more. Begin wiping the pearls one after another. Avoid using a commercial jewelry cleaner on pearls. Usually such cleaners contain a significant amount of ammonia, that may damage the pearls.

For every fifth wash for the pearls, they are going to need something  a little stronger than a simple dampened cloth. Dip the soft cloth in warm, mildly soapy water. Avoid using washing up liquid; rather, use a mild soap like castille soap without smell or color preservatives. Wipe with a clear dampened cloth to get rid of any soapy residue from the pearls.

In the event that clasp has to be cleaned as well, use a Q tip (cotton bud) dipped in either jewelry cleaner (be certain it is appropriate for the metal for the clasp) or if perhaps it is a tough metal (not gold) without gemstones, you need to use a small amount of toothpaste. For anything that you use, don't allow it come in contact with the pearls as it could potentially damage them. Toothpaste is good on tarnished silver.


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