Introducing CARAFINA® – Beauty Refined

Introducing CARAFINA® – Beauty Refined

Shop Elegant Jewelry and Show-Stopping Accessories with CARAFINA®

California, USA: Founded in 2008, CARAFINA® ( offers a fresh, new take on fabulous jewelry and irresistible collections for both men and women, with stunning lines of products that make for perfect gifts or indulgent treats this holiday season.

Whether searching for show-stopping earrings, glittering necklaces, an elegant leather clutch bag or eye-catching ladies’ tunics, CARAFINA® has it all. A one-stop-shop for fashion-forward pieces that offer a finishing touch to any outfit, the CARAFINA® name has become associated with premium quality, exclusive designs and world-class customer service.

Ricardo Cortefino, President , CARAFINA® said, “We started as a small, family business, drawing inspiration from our European and Latin roots to create stand-out pieces as gifts for our loved ones. As our designs grew more sought-after, we decided to trademark the CARAFINA® name and set about building a business, so that people across the world could enjoy our creations.”

Cortefino added, “We’ve now expanded and grown in ways we never anticipated – our  authentic, life style jewelry designs are in high demand, and we’ve branched out into apparel so that men and women across the world can find their ideal ensemble, complete with accessories, right here on our site.”

Quality is important to the brand, which started out as a family-based company crafting jewelry for their loved ones. One of the first creations was a 14k rose gold bracelet which was given to a founder’s mother as a gift – it attracted so much attention with its timeless design and enduring quality, that the team were soon crafting their own line of CARAFINA®  bracelets, to be distributed first locally, then online. Now, the collections sell all over the world, appealing most to those who look for meaning and beauty in every detail of life.

One of their flagship pieces is a Textured Sterling Silver Multishape Stone Ring – featuring a number of beautiful precious stones set in a beautiful sterling silver band. Perfect for cocktail hour or for adding to a formal outfit, the show-stopping piece is a worthwhile addition to any woman’s jewelry collection.

For daytime use the elegant collection of leather bags available are perfect – spacious, durable and incredible fashion-forward, the handbags can take any women from daytime at the office to evening at a restaurant with ease.

Every woman has a desire to look elegant with their personal touch or style, and our line of fashionable blouses, tops, and accessories helps them create their own fashion statement.

CARAFINA® is not only committed to quality products, but also to environmentally friendly solutions that minimize the impact of crafting such quality items. The team is continually seeking proactive methods to benefit the environment, such as recycled packaging and shipping materials, to ensure that their business does not leave a large carbon footprint. 

At CARAFINA, “Our top priority is to make our Customers´ experience better than the day before. We are here to listen and nothing else matters”.

For more information about CARAFINA® and to shop the entire collection, visit the website:


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