Metal And Glass Table Lamp For Urban Decor

Metal And Glass Table Lamp For Urban Decor

With a sleek, elegant, metallic finish and a warm touch of vibrant color, it probably comes as no surprise that this lamp is one of our highest selling items. Notably popular with interior designers for its play on modernity, this piece also adds a touch of vintage.
Designed using only the highest quality materials and careful metal and glass work, this lamp offers not only beauty & light, but also substance. Its durable structure and smooth finish ensure its place as a truly classic and timeless piece which you will get to enjoy for many years to come. 
The Rococo inspired composition as well as the aesthetically pleasing yet mischievously bold use of color, offer a unique combination which makes this lamp ideal for any space in your home. 
This lamp's light weight makes it truly ideal for homes and apartments with a modular, ever changing design concept, as it is incredibly easy to move from room to room. The dominant metallic body creates a strong and clean line within the intricate detailing. This lamp has the unique ability to harmoniously blend in with a vivacious background or to simply serve as a centerpiece in a more urban monochromatic setting. 
It comes in the following dimensions 
6''W x 6"D x 25 "H. 
14''W x 14"D x 9"Shade 
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